Appliance Repair

1. No warranty

Quite often when your white ware breaks down, it happens outside of the manufacturer’s warranty. Instead of throwing away your appliance, give us a call, Waiheke Appliance Services will repair all your white-ware appliances.

 2. Under warranty

Waiheke appliance services is Waiheke’s ONLY authorised warranty provider for ALL major brands, including:

🛠️ Fisher & Paykel

🛠️ Bosch

🛠️ Westinghouse

🛠️ Miele

🛠️ Parmco

🛠️ Mitsubishi

🛠️ Panasonic

🛠️ Samsung

🛠️ And many, any more! 

Contact our friendly team 09 372 7285 for more info

Locally Owned – Locally Operated – Local Number

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