We are continually looking to grow our portfolio to meet the needs of the local community and welcome any requests in this area. Today we offer the following services:

🛠️ Appliance Repair 🛠️

If it’s a washing machine, dish washer, fridge, oven, a you name it of any major manufacturer – we fix the lot. Call us for a friendly chat about the problems you are having and we will be only too happy to help.

🛠️ Heat Pump Delivery / Installation / Service / Repair 🛠️

We are your local heat pump & air conditioning specialists. Contact us today, we will come and meet you, inspect your house, give you recommendation and provide you with a quote.  This is all free of charge.

🛠️ Test and Tag 🛠️

Testing and Tagging involves the visual inspection and electrical testing of electrical devices. Once deemed safe and compliant, the item is then tagged with an approved label.

This is now a requirement under Worksafe NZ, and in most cases it’s also a requirement to comply with the terms of your insurance policy. So let us help keep you and your customers  safe and make sure you stay compliant!

Locally Owned – Locally Operated – Local Number

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